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We live in a highly integrated world. Is your organization connected and engaged with the audiences who matter most?

Public relations services

We help our clients build meaningful relationships, tell their stories, advocate for their issues, and proactively protect and elevate their reputations. Our team of connected strategists delivers seamlessly integrated services across the public relations and public affairs spectrum. We lead with an understanding of your goals and the audiences most important to you to develop the strategies and messages that will help you reach them.

Message Bubbles

Public relations messaging

Words and tone matter. Do you know what you’ll say in a crisis, or when a lawmaker or reporter asks the tough questions?

Strong, proactive messaging is a guiding light for your organization—no matter the issue, crisis or opportunity you face.

Whether you’re looking for a communications refresh or launching a new initiative, Goff Public can ensure that your organization's brand and communications materials reflect who you truly are or who you aspire to be.


Media relations

Goff Public works with reporters every single day. Front and center or behind the scenes, our team gets clients the stories and headlines they want in media markets across the country.

Communications Plan

Communications audits and plans

Your organization can best meet its goals by reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time. By analyzing your existing communications, we track how you stack up against your competitors, identify gaps, introduce new opportunities, and craft and execute a tailored plan. Our tactical plans are designed to ensure you’re getting the most out of your communications.


Crisis and issues management

Reputational threats often arise quickly and unexpectedly—and in those moments, everything you say and do (or don’t do) will be scrutinized. Our team of crisis pros will help you develop a strategy for your situation that is right-sized, prompt and authentic.

For decades, clients have relied on us to protect their reputations in the media and the public eye, as they navigate the most stressful of times. Goff Public has worked with varied organizations across the country to successfully navigate crises and reputational threats.


Issue and Reputation Monitoring

Goff Public tracks important conversations about your business or organization, helping you make informed decisions. Our team actively monitors news sites, blogs and social media for mentions of your organization or important issues, including negative reviews.

Thought Leadership icon

Thought leadership

Individual leaders can be a powerful influence within your organization, industry and community. We work with leaders to tap into their unique insights, experience, beliefs and ideas, and create authentic content that resonates with people and builds trust, empathy and credibility for your organization along the way.


Careful Communications Training

Build a crisis-ready culture to ensure your organization is prepared to respond to and overcome unexpected challenges. Our tailored trainings will give your leaders and employees tools and tactics to avoid communications missteps and minimize harm to your company’s reputation.


Media and Spokesperson Training

Feeling comfortable during a media interview starts with having a broad understanding of how the media works. We eliminate the anxiety that comes with media interactions and help your spokespeople create the perfect sound bites.

Public relations and communications solutions

To craft a public relations strategy to meet your goals, contact Chris Duffy.

Chris Duffy

Chris Duffy

Vice President, Public Relations
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“Public relations is difficult to define because it’s all encompassing. Some of it is art; some of it is science. But the end goal is always the same: building trusted relationships with your audiences.”

Public relations Insights

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