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Sharing your caring: Communicating around generosity

| December 13, 2023

Heidi Larson

Heidi Larson


Minnesotans are enthusiastic – yet humble – givers. We have a lot to be proud of! We’re ranked the third most generous state in the nation and donated $5.3 billion to charitable causes in 2022 alone. Some of our state’s most philanthropic companies gathered last week at the Minneapolis Regional Chamber’s annual Minnesota Keystone Luncheon to recognize achievements in corporate giving and inspire one another to maintain this spirit of generosity.

This time of year, many companies are talking about their yearly philanthropy efforts. But for some, it can feel uncomfortable, self-serving and inauthentic. Here are key reasons why communicating your charitable activities benefits our communities and your business, and how to do it in a way that feels right for your organization.

Showcase your values

Communicating your company’s charitable activities puts your values on display. By highlighting your efforts, your clients, employees and the public have an opportunity to get to know your company beyond the products or services you provide.

What makes you stand out?

Through effective communication, your company can reveal its unique approach to giving. Consider these key storytelling angles:

  • Involve employees in charitable efforts, fostering a sense of purpose and pride within your organization.
  • Highlight historical or personal connections your company has to causes, showcasing the genuine dedication behind your giving.
  • Celebrate giving milestones, big and small, to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to making a difference.
  • Spotlight major donations and one-time initiatives, especially ones that address urgent community needs.
  • Share how your company leveraged its expertise to meet those needs, like a financial services organization providing free financial planning or tax preparation.

By being open about these efforts, you showcase your company’s capabilities and inspire others to take similar action.

Amplify others

You can also use your platform to raise awareness and support for the amazing nonprofits spearheading positive change in our communities. Encourage employees and audiences to engage with these organizations to foster a sense of community and a network of support.

By amplifying their messages and stories, you inspire others and broaden awareness of these worthy organizations. At Goff Public, we support clients in communicating their values. We know that by giving back to your community and demonstrating shared principles, you can create deeper relationships and greater connection to your organization.

So, let your good works shine throughout the new year and don’t shy away from opportunities to share your story!



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Heidi Larson

Heidi Larson

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