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A new and improved “normal”

| May 26, 2021

Heidi Larson

Heidi Larson


After more than a year of conducting business mostly virtually, organizations are returning to the office and to more in-person settings. The huge shifts we made during the pandemic, like working from home and hosting events and trainings virtually, are now becoming less about necessity and more about flexibility, accessibility, and choice.

Now is the time for leaders to assess their organizational, employee, and customer needs to take the best of what we have learned while engaging remotely and combine it with what we know about the human need for connection and the importance of building relationships. Strong relationships and trust are often at the core of business success.

When does convenience take precedence? When is it important for people to interact in person, feed off the energy in a room and take notice of non-verbal communication? Being intentional about how and when you gather with employees, customers and the business community at large will be key to successfully implement hybrid models.

Consider conducting a communications audit to better understand your organization’s strategies and how they should be modified in this new environment. Analyzing what you currently have in place can reveal what new tools or opportunities would help keep your strategies relevant and effective.

Ask yourself how your customers’ needs and wants have changed post-pandemic. How do they want to engage? Is it time to survey them to find out?

We have seen community engagement rise dramatically ever since people have been given more opportunities to conveniently engage online. What might you consider going forward?

  • If the event is fully virtual, determine how important it is for the event to be live. Could it be just as effective pre-recorded?
  • For hybrid events, consider enhancing the video quality and capabilities. People at home want to feel like they are getting the same quality experience as the people attending in person.
  • Consider opportunities for people who work from home to appear and participate in person.

Companies and organizations have essentially been in crisis mode for more than a year, and the dust is finally beginning to settle. It’s clear that what we once thought was temporary isn’t – and that things will continue to evolve. Make sure your communications are ready to flex with the times.

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