The Crisis Files with Roshini Rajkumar and Jennifer Hellman

Joining the Crisis Squad

| September 15, 2022

Jennifer Hellman

Jen Hellman

CEO / President

As a crisis communications expert, it’s not hard to find examples of organizations and leaders grappling with controversial issues and the communications around them. From Elon Musk’s public battle with Twitter to the PGA’s attempt to prevent golfers from joining the LIV tour, crises make headlines every day.

We are constantly refreshing our crisis communications trainings with real, high-profile examples of organizations that get it right – and organizations that get it very, very wrong. I often say organizations are judged more on their response to the crisis than the crisis itself. Using these examples, we try to understand what could’ve gone better and what we would do differently in those moments.

That’s why I was so excited when my longtime friend and colleague Roshini Rajkumar invited me to join her team of experts for the Crisis Files, a new podcast exploring real-life crises and controversies ripped from the headlines. Roshini, a licensed attorney, broadcaster and crisis coach, has assembled a crisis dream team featuring experts in law, psychology, equity and communications to help audiences learn from these high-profile cases. We have the benefit of hindsight – seeing how one small misstep in communications can snowball into a full-blown crisis. But there are takeaways in each episode for all organizations and leaders who want to be prepared for when that challenging moment comes.

In the latest episode, the Crisis Squad breaks down a scenario where a promising star and role model’s partying behavior puts her squeaky-clean image on the line. Listen to the episode here or wherever you get podcasts to find out how we would advise the star in this situation.

While I’m no stranger to interviews, sharing my thoughts on the crisis of the moment, and advising leaders through challenging issues, the Crisis Files is a first for me: It’s a TV pilot! As an experienced TV host, Roshini is pitching this show to television and streaming networks. You can watch the teaser for our pilot featuring the whole Crisis Squad here.

I hope you’ll follow along as we tackle the next case and pick up a few tips for managing your next reputational challenge or crisis.





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Jennifer Hellman

Jen Hellman

CEO / President
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