Video Storytelling

Amplify your message with video.

Make ordinary messages extraordinary

Goff Public offers comprehensive video services to help organizations stand above the competition and convey their stories in an engaging way that can be shared with millions of viewers.

Our team brings your messages to life through video that is consistent with your brand and meets your goals.

Video camera viewfinder recording a show in TV studio with the focus on the camera

Expand your reach

Online video consumption is surging, making video a critical part of any communicator's toolbox. Studies and performance metrics show people are more likely to pay attention to video than text.

Engage your audience

Grab your viewers’ attention—and keep it! Video helps people understand and relate to information in a more meaningful, impactful and memorable way.

Simplify the complex

Keep it simple. A picture is worth a thousand words, and video is worth a million. Video is an excellent medium for communicating complex concepts in a way that can be more accessible to your audiences.

Video Storytelling with Goff



Reinforce your communications with concise, short-form content. Perfect for echoing campaign messages and brand values, these active visuals and animations boost your brand.


Event Coverage

Multiply the reach, accessibility and longevity of your event with video—long after the moment has passed. We deliver photojournalistic coverage of press conferences, major speeches, galas, panel discussions and other important events.


Video feature

Showcase a product, service or key initiative in a professional, high-quality video. From announcements to promotions to organizational storytelling, video is the best method of delivering an effective message across multiple channels.

How will you capture your message?

To learn more about Goff Public’s video services, contact Nate Kass.

Nate Kass

Nate Kass

Director of Digital and Creative
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"Video continues to prove itself as a powerful way for clients to stand above the competition and share their stories in an authentic and exciting way."

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