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Take advantage of the power of podcasts

| June 19, 2024

Grace Rose

Grace Rose

Account Manager

Podcasting hit an all-time high this year. An estimated 98 million Americans now listen to podcasts each week. That’s about one-third of the U.S. population over the age of 12.

This recent rise in popularity is due in part to podcasting’s renaissance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Add in a fragmented media landscape and increased digital consumption, and it’s safe to say podcasting isn’t going away anytime soon.

A medium this significant should be a consideration for your communications strategy. Here are three tactics to think about, from the simplest to most involved.

  1. Sponsorship – Like news outlets and social media platforms, podcasters are often looking for sponsors to boost their revenue. Sponsoring a podcast related to your industry and stakeholders, or placing advertisements, can help you reach more niche audiences. Pricing can vary widely depending on the podcast’s audience, making it easy to scale to your budget.
  2. Interviews – Have a great story behind your company, product or service, or a captivating human-interest story about an employee? Interviews on the right podcasts that align with your goals and values can get that story out there. Podcast interviews help you speak to a targeted audience of motivated listeners and boost your reputation as a thought leader. And because of the more conversational nature of podcasting, they can help you build authentic connections with listeners.

Pro tip: Podcast interviews are unique. They are often more casual and personal than traditional media interviews and are much longer. Do your research and make sure the podcast is the right fit for your spokesperson’s personality. And like any media interview, prep your messages beforehand!

  1. Create your own podcast – This is certainly the most time-intensive route. But it can also be the most rewarding. Creating a podcast series can help you build relationships with new audiences, drive awareness for your brand, and build authority as a source of information or inspiration for your listeners.

Thinking about taking the plunge? There are a few questions to ask first:

  • Do you have enough compelling content? Podcasts – even limited series – require hours of material.
  • Will you enrich people’s lives? People listen to podcasts to be informed or entertained. They don’t want an hour-long sales pitch.
  • Do you have the time and resources? Consistency is key. Podcasting can be done simply with just a microphone and computer, but it takes time to build an audience and reap the rewards. And listeners can tell the difference in quality between a podcast filmed with resources and one done on the cheap!

Want help thinking through your podcast strategy? We work with clients on everything from researching podcast sponsorship opportunities to producing high-quality podcast series. Call us to talk about what is right for you!

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Grace Rose

Grace Rose

Account Manager
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