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Gofftern Q&A: Seufean Thao

| October 11, 2022

Goff Public is accepting applications through Oct. 24 for our spring 2023 intern. Our fabulous 2022 intern Seufean Thao shared his thoughts below on what his experience was like at Goff Public. During his internship, Seufean was a senior at the University of St. Thomas. He graduated in May with a major in business communication.

What was most valuable part of your internship?
The learning experience. I had the chance to participate in numerous interesting projects and get knowledge straight from the Goff team.

What surprised you most about your experience as an intern at Goff Public?
The Goff team’s welcoming and supportive nature. The crew was always open to meeting with me whenever I had inquiries or was interested in a certain project.

What skills did you learn at Goff Public that you’ve taken into your first job?
I’ve used the excellent communications skills I learned while working at Goff. It’s crucial to understand your audience and figure out how to connect with them effectively.

What was your journey after Goff? What are you doing now?
After graduating from college in May, I joined the electronics company Keyence Corporation as a technical sales engineer in their Minneapolis office.

What did you learn about public relations and public affairs?
I discovered that it’s important to know your audience when communicating with them. Everybody communicates in their own way!

Do you have any advice for students applying for this internship?
Use this wonderful opportunity; Goff Public is a fantastic place to launch your career. Always ask questions and don’t be afraid to dive in!

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