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Get to know Team Goff: Allison Winters

| May 22, 2024

Director of Public Relations Allison Winters joined our team last fall and is an expert communicator who connects with her clients on more than just the facts. Her empathy, authenticity and commitment to excellence shine through her work. Her background in communications leadership roles across the public sector has made her our go-to for public engagement strategies and the development and management of large, highly complex public relations campaigns. Read on to find out how Allison stays ahead of media trends and what her surprising first job out of college was!

How do you stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing media landscape?

By using research and analytics and having a continuous improvement mindset. I’m constantly learning from innovative tactics I see others executing, and I always keep in mind that an organization’s communications compete for attention alongside all the other messages people are bombarded with daily. It’s not enough to look at your peers for inspiration – you have to find ways to break through the noise from everyone.

What’s been one of the most memorable projects you’ve worked on?

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Nothing tops Ramsey County communications in 2020 before I joined Goff Public. Juggling pandemic and emergency response along with standard service messaging and voter services communications in a presidential election year (hello, vote by mail!) is impossible to forget, along with the dedicated public servants and communications colleagues that made it all happen.

Before working at Goff, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I was a tour actor/director for the Missoula Children’s Theatre after graduating from college. I got to drive across the country in a “little red truck” bringing the joy of performing arts to kids in new communities every week. We’d hold auditions Monday, cast about 50 kids, and perform a fully memorized, one-hour show by the weekend. As a firm believer in the importance of the arts, it was such an honor to help hundreds of kids see what they’re capable of while developing a new generation of theatre lovers.

What inspired you to pursue a career in public relations?

Writing. I started job searching by looking for writing positions. That gradually expanded to adjacent fields until I landed a public relations internship and developed my communications career from there.

How are you unwinding at the end of a busy workday?

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Lacing up my running shoes or taking my dog for a walk with my husband – or both, thanks to long summer evenings.

Where’s the most unique place you’ve traveled to?

I studied abroad in London and Florence, and both cities will always have a special place in my heart. If I could live anywhere internationally, London would be it. But most unique would probably be Rankin Inlet, located about 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle in Nunavut, Canada. I had the opportunity to complete a residency there while working for Missoula Children’s Theatre. Nothing like viewing the Northern Lights! The community is fantastic, though they were relieved my dream of seeing a polar bear did not come true.

What’s your top TV recommendation?

Abbot Elementary is great when you need a quick pick-me-up during the week. Great writing, talented cast and always a laugh.

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try?

Baking homemade French Macarons. It’s on my baking to-do list!

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