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Get to know Team Goff: Adam Darragh

| March 20, 2024

As our graphic designer, Adam Darragh’s work transforms our clients’ messages into visual storytelling, bridging the gap between ideas and content. Read on to learn why Adam went into graphic design, what he enjoys most about his work and more.

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What inspired you to pursue graphic design?
My passion for art and drawing from an early age, combined with the pleasure of working through a problem to find the best solution. Graphic design boiled down is just the melding of those two things – art and problem solving.

How do you stay inspired and avoid creative burnout?
Following other designers on social media and Behance is a great way to stay inspired. But even more, I enjoy paging through any of my design books that highlight various designers and their unique approaches to a project.

What do you enjoy most about graphic design in communications?
Oftentimes, we need to convey messages of an organization or campaign that are complex and nuanced. Translating these into effective visuals that are both compelling and digestible is a gratifying process.

What trivia category do you dominate in?

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What’s your favorite place to take Winston? (Winston is Adam’s whippet.)
High Bridge Dog Park. Winston loves all the space to run around, and with it being nestled in between downtown Saint Paul and the Mississippi River, there are so many sights to take in.

What spot do you recommend out-of-towners visit when they come to Minnesota?
Shish! It’s a delicious Mediterranean spot on Grand Ave.

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