Media ready: Setting leaders up for success

Giving a media interview is a difficult job. It takes training and practice. Are your leaders media ready?

Consider these three common mistakes:

1.Saying “no comment” or ignoring the media. Media inquiries require strategy and response. People expect transparency now more than ever.

2.Treating an interview like a regular conversation. Effective spokespeople know that media interviews sound and feel different than other forms of communication. There are specific techniques for giving media interviews the right way.

3.Going into a media interview under prepared. It takes planning to distill a leader’s knowledge on a topic down to two or three main points and deliver it in a way that a broad audience can understand.

If your company or organization has new leaders, executives or board leadership, or a spokesperson who hasn’t had training in the past year, we’re here to help.

To learn more about spokesperson training and coaching, contact Jennifer Hellman.

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