Communication hasn’t stopped – it’s just changed

With the widespread impact of COVID-19 dominating headlines and social media feeds, canceled events, and much of the workforce working remotely, we are communicating in a completely new environment. And companies are adapting.

In addition to communicating about the most immediate crisis, our clients are making longer term plans to communicate in a new reality. Public meetings are going virtual. Events are turning into webinars. And they are exploring new creative digital ways to stay connected and engaged with the audiences most important to them.

There are still opportunities to share stories in the media, especially about how companies and organizations are adapting and pulling together. The media is looking for business and community leaders to provide thought leadership that helps people navigate this crisis and temporary way of life. For example, our client Kelly Pedersen, founder and CEO of Caissa Wealth Strategies, recently appeared on Fox 9 to discuss coronavirus’ impact on the stock market and share tips for investors.

If your company or organization is looking for advice on how to handle your communications – from messages to employees to e-newsletters to videos to social media and more – we are happy to provide an outside perspective and share some of the creative approaches that companies are already taking. Contact Jennifer Hellman to learn more.

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