2018 legislative session is off to a fast-paced start

The 2018 legislative session is now underway in Minnesota. The Legislature plans to tackle major topics this year – such as federal tax conformity, a bonding bill, the opioid epidemic, and sexual harassment. Here are a few other lower-profile issues keeping lawmakers busy this session:

  • Technology – From MNLARS to MNsure to MnCHOICES, the State of Minnesota has struggled to deliver new technology and system upgrades on time and on budget. A new proposal even suggests eliminating MN.IT, the state’s beleaguered information technology agency.
  • Schools – Education committee members will debate a number of significant issues this session, such as improvements to school and student safety, mental health, and freedom of speech on college campuses.
  • Pensions – Legislators on both sides of the aisle are concerned about Minnesota’s $14 billion unfunded pension liabilities in the coming decades. Expect ongoing conversations this session about how to address this gap.

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