Right Track intern joins Goff Public for the summer

Our team has gained youthfulness this summer thanks to Miyau Xiong, our summer intern. A junior at Johnson Senior High School, Miyau is part of the Right Track program, which seeks to connect Saint Paul youth with meaningful training and career exploration to help them prepare to be a part of the workforce. Welcome, Miyau!


Jake Loesch talks engaging vs. negative campaigns

In June, Goff Public lobbyist Jake Loesch was a panelist for the Citizens League Voting Booth Chronicles election event. The evening’s discussion focused on how campaigns can engage and inspire voters, rather than be negative and divisive. Jake shared insight from his experience as a strategist and communications lead on the historic Minnesotans United for All Families campaign in 2012-2013.

Minnesota Daily to no longer be a printed daily newspaper

Prominent University of Minnesota newspaper the Minnesota Daily recently announced a move away from the daily print model. Instead, it will offer print versions to students only twice each week, while posting stories online throughout each day and maintaining a more active presence on social media.

This change for the 116-year-old newspaper reflects the reality that people are increasingly consuming media on their smartphones. One of the primary reasons the Minnesota Daily exists is to provide students with real-life experience in a newsroom (and all fields that work within a newspaper) – and it’s clear that this real-world experience needs to focus on our mobile-driven existence in order to be relevant for students of the news industry.

Facebook change could have big impact on newspapers

Since the advent of the Internet, newspapers have struggled to find their place in a rapidly evolving, online world. Through social media platforms, newspapers found an effective second stage to make an impact, with 62 percent of American adults getting their news from social media (primarily Facebook). But following major changes to Facebook announced earlier this month, news outlets may need to revisit their strategy.

Facebook is changing the way it calculates which stories to display on a user’s timeline, giving priority to stories from friends and family. News outlets which have come to rely on their posts driving website traffic – and therefore revenue – are secondary.

Facebook’s adaption is the latest proof that the only constant in media – especially social media – is change.

Celebrating 50 years with free nonprofit media training


Last week, Goff Public continued our year-long celebration of 50 years in business by offering free communications and advocacy training to more than 50 Minnesota nonprofits.

 A few of the takeaways from the seminar included:

– Communicators must accomodate shorter public attention spans
– Personal stories trump facts
– People are influenced by good, genuine stories
– Staying “out of the weeds” is good for everyone

Looking for insider tips from our seasoned team of former political campaign leaders, reporters, and staff of elected officials? Contact Jennifer Hellman to learn more about our media training and spokesperson coaching services.