Minnesota Innocence Project launches new bill

Goff Public helped organize a press conference today announcing a bill that would compensate Minnesotans who were wrongly imprisoned and later found innocent. We are thrilled to be doing such meaningful work for our pro bono client, the Minnesota Innocence Project. Pictured (from left to right) are Chris Duffy, exoneree Koua Fong Lee, exoneree Michael Hansen, Minnesota Innocence Project Managing Attorney Julie Jonas, and Elizabeth Emerson.


Q&A with The UpTake’s Jason Barnett

In our latest edition of Goff Public Grills a Reporter, we catch up with Jason Barnett, co-founder and executive director of The UpTake, an innovative, citizen journalism website that was launched in 2007 in Minnesota. Below, Barnett tells us how The UpTake was ahead of its time in using Twitter as a community engagement tool, and how it overcomes the challenges of keeping a nonprofit journalism outfit afloat.


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Check out our bold (and not-so-bold) 2014 predictions

In the public relations and public affairs worlds, we at Goff Public have a professional duty to our clients to stay on the cutting edge of communications, political and societal trends, and to provide sound advice based on our assessment of the present and the future. So my colleagues and I decided to go out on a limb (or not) in making predictions – some serious, some tongue-in-cheek, some even contradictory  about our rapidly changing industry in 2014. A year from now, we’ll see how dead on or off the mark we were.

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Goff Public participates on employee civic engagement panel

COO Jennifer Hellman recently moderated a panel of experts on the importance of employee civic engagement at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce board of directors meeting. CFO Heidi Larson was among the panelists, along with Lin Nelson representing our longtime client, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.