With Vine, Six Seconds Is Worth 140 Characters

It’s being called the next big thing in social media, and its name can conjure up images of wine country or perhaps Wrigley Field. But I assure you that Vine, a new mobile app from Twitter, has absolutely nothing to do with alcohol or baseball, at least on the surface.

While Vine is most simply described as  Instagram for video, I’ll go a little more in-depth.

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A Guide to Social Media and Super Bowl XLVII

In addition to changing how we communicate and share information, social media has also changed how people watch sports. Whether you’re at a sports bar, hanging out with friends, or watching the game alone, fans can instantly become a part of a much larger conversation via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

During last year’s Super Bowl, 13.7 million tweets were posted, up significantly from the 3 million tweets related to the game in 2011. Predictions are even higher for this year’s game.

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